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 Tribal Link Programs

a) Project Access Capacity Building Training Workshop for Indigenous Peoples: Project Access is a unique and holistic, rights-based capacity-building program that supports Indigenous Peoples participation within multi-stakeholder forums where decisions are being made that affect their human rights, cultures, and livelihoods. The program consists of an intensive 3-day workshop, which provides guidance to emerging indigenous leaders on how to engage the UN system and effectively participate at major United Nations meetings focusing on issues relevant to Indigenous Peoples. The benefits of Project Access for Indigenous Peoples is clear: significant collaboration with indigenous colleagues from around the world and immersion within a specialized training program taught by recognized experts in preparation for real-time, meaningful participation within the UN system. Project Access has supported participation of indigenous delegates to UN Commission on Sustainable Development; the UN Commission on the Status of Women; and the UN Convention on Biological Diversity. A special annual focus, however, is placed on the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues (UNPFII), the world’s largest forum where indigenous voices are heard. To review the Project Access 2016 report: Click here

  b) The East African Girls’ Education Initiative: This partnership with Brighter Green educates Maasai young women from Kenya and Tanzania, and provides leader training and mentoring as they become advocates and leaders for women, Indigenous Peoples, and the environment. Our aim is to develop the young women’s skills, knowledge, environmental awareness, and confidence so that as adult women they will be successful leaders in their communities. Each of our participants have graduated high school and are now in higher education.   c) Indigenous Voices Public Program Series: A partnership with Sub Rosa designed to better educate general audiences on the critical situation of Indigenous Peoples by focusing on specific communities or leaders who have compelling stories to share with the world.   d) Project Action: A broad follow-up initiative to support exceptional alumni from the Project Access program, that could include assistance to help finance a start-up for their local enterprise; educational opportunities; or advanced mentorship.
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